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Your Challenges

Is your reliance on IT increasing? And is the pace of change impacting your business?

Andrew Singleton
IT Director

“We are thinking of moving our systems to the cloud and are trying to decide the best software solution for virtualisation and applications. Is Citrix right for us or would be better off looking to Microsoft Azure or another of the many solutions out there?”

Victoria Roberts
IT Manager

“Lately our IT systems have been running increasingly slow. We're getting user complaints  now and I know it is causing productivity issues too. We don't have the time or manpower to track down the problem, let alone sort it out.”

Paul Thompson
Operations Director

“We have ambitious plans for our business and are growing fast. It is a constant effort to keep our software up to date and get new users set up quickly. Our IT department is overworked and we're worried about holes in our security.”

Edward Newlands
IT Consultant

“My client needs a complete upgrade of their IT infrastructure. We want to move them to a managed cloud solution to improve efficiency and security. We need an outsource partner with deep knowlege and strong technical skills.”

How we help

Riverlite are technology experts with a strong customer service culture, providing IT managed services and private cloud solutions.

Riverlite Sentry

Riverlite’s Sentry service uses technologies from leading vendors to ensure that companies are protected from the latest threats without needing manual intervention.


Riverlite vCloud

Private cloud hosting in the UK. When outsourcing your IT to a Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP), you may question whether your data will be 100 per cent secure.


Riverlite Assist 

Backed by our almost 10 years of experience as a cloud IT Managed Service provider, Riverlite Assist keeps the IT lights on by delivering proactive IT support services.


Riverlite Insight

Our UK based Network Operations Centre monitors all customer IT environments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Improve performance and enhance user experience.


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