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    Case Study

    Cloud Services to Manage Millions of Transactions for CORVID PayGate

    CORVID PayGate, a digital payments specialist, processes millions of pounds of payments for many UK banks and large corporate clients every day and has been working with Riverlite for over 10 years.

    As part of CORVID’s expansion plans they were looking for a partner to help launch a new cloud based solution to offer a SaaS platform to their own customers. A key requirement was the ability to not only host the client facing solution but also the co-location of CORVID’s proprietory encryption devices.

    CORVID PayGate and Riverlite Working Together

    Mike Howard, Head of Payment Support at CORVID, said: “As we continued to grow, we considered other bigger IT suppliers, but after assessment we decided that it would be difficult to find another trusted partner. Riverlite were already providing excellent value and we had never had any issues with their service. This combined with our strong relationship we naturally extended our engagement with Riverlite to incorporate our expansion plans.”

    To fufil CORVID’s customer SaaS platform requirement, Riverlite vCloud, a systems and application hosting service was implemented. This highly secure environment with it’s guaranteed 99.999% uptime afforded CORVID the confidence to roll the solution out to it’s own customers. In fact, since the inception of the service, CORVID have received 100% uptime.

    Riverlite Ensure was deployed to monitor all of CORVID’s IT systems, including the co-located proprietory, CORVID designed encryption devices. This service provides proactive IT management as well as the patching and updating of systems to ensure they are secure and monitored at all times, providing a single view of these hybrid systems.

    The key requirement was to supply us a SaaS platform that we could offer as a customer service. Riverlite emerged at the top of our selection process and the system just works.

    Craig Steger-Lewis, Managing Director

    Craig Steger-Lewis, Managing Director stated: “My previous career was in the aerospace and defence industry working in cryptography and security. My primary consideration of anybody selling outsourced IT services is to find out what their knowledge, attitude and perception of cyber-risk is. Gone are the days when you can say you will never be taken down or hacked.”

    “You want layers of security, and measures have to be in place to minimise the risk to business. The level of security with Riverlite is appropriate to what we need. They understand what our client risk is and also our profile as a company.”

    To complement CORVID’s own IT team Riverlite Assist was implemented to deliver second & third line support. CORVID delivers first line support to its internal users, but when more complex issues need to be escalated, Riverlite takes over and also manages vendor relationships as required.

    “Riverlite meets all its SLA’s, which is important,” added Steger-Lewis. “If there happens to be an incident an IT supplier needs to deal with it professionally and quickly. Riverlite ticks all the boxes.”

    Mike Howard added, “The fact that Riverlite is always available is key to the success of the partnership. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, they are always available. We have had a good personal relationship with the guys at Riverlite over the years, it is just a generally good and friendly company to work with. They always listen to our requirements and if they spot any issues, they keep us informed. We have quarterly reviews to go through any issues, and everything that needs to be addressed is always dealt with swiftly and efficiently.”

    About the Client

    CORVID PayGate has been in the payments industry for over 40 years as a market leader in its field. Certified by BACS as a solutions provider to both corporations and bureaus, the firm has a track record of delivering secure, reliable and scalable solutions to thousands of customers, managing over 17 million transactions per year.

    CORVID PayGate is a subsidiary of Ultra Electronics Holdings Plc, an international group of businesses formed in 1920, and was rebranded under the CORVID brand in 2012, when it was acquired by Ultra, then trading as Barron McCann.

    I’m aware that there are people out there who have had problems with their IT suppliers, We don't have any such issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Riverlite to any of our customers, or to any company that wants to do something similar to us.

    Mike Howard, Head of Payment Support

    Riverlite vCloud:

    • Systems & application hosting
    • DR & business continuity
    • Back-up & archiving
    • Co-location of infrastructure

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    Riverlite Assist:

    • 24x7x365 support desk
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd line support
    • Unlimited support tickets

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    Riverlite Professional Services:

    • Consultancy & engineering
    • Design & Implementation
    • Project Mgt & IT health checks

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    Riverlite Ensure:

    • Proactive IT management
    • 24x7x365 monitoring
    • App deployment & patching

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