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Significant increase in cyber-attacks on schools

Recently the Department for Education and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) wrote to education institutions across the UK warning them of the significant increase in cyber-attacks on schools, mostly involving ransomware. The purpose of their letter was to simply inform schools of the ever-growing risk, so the corrective steps and actions can be quickly implemented.
These attacks and incidents have had a significant impact on the affected education provider’s ability to operate effectively and deliver services, which in the current climate can cause a greater impact than normal due to the increased financial challenges.
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What can you do? 

These incidents are primarily financially driven but always opportunistic, whereby the attacker takes advantage of system weaknesses such as unpatched software, weak peripheral security, poor authentication systems or the susceptibility of users to misdirection.

Ultimately, the attackers rely on a school’s inability to protect and recover their systems and data. 

So, what can you do?

Understand your current risk landscape

The first step is to understand your current risk landscape by asking these questions:

  • What systems are critical and vulnerable?
  • What protection is currently in place?
  • What are my recovery options?
  • How is this being monitored and managed?
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Riverlite Education Cyber Security Review

We can help provide an objective Cyber Security review, which will cover all the elements below. Following the review, you will be provided with a report outlining your systems, processes, risks and associated recommendation, from which an appropriate Cyber Security Strategy can be devised and implemented.

Review of Systems

  • An in-depth review of IT infrastructure components; examining potential areas of weakness or risk

  • Review of staff training and testing that is currently in place, including areas such as phishing

  • Firewall and network security review to highlight potential areas of concern; including monitoring, guest access, relaxed firewall rules and network segmentation

  • Comparison to best practice, benchmarking against industry standards


  • Comparison to best practice, benchmarking against industry standards

  • External vulnerability assessment of systems

  • Analysis of Cloud systems for common areas of weakness; including Office 365 security settings, Azure etc

  • Examination of critical security controls; including anti-ransomware, disaster recovery plans, backup/restore strategy and vulnerability management

Detailed Report

  • Detailed and executive report pack provided at the end of the engagement; including recommendations and quick fixes

  • The report will be delivered in a collaborative workshop in partnership with the client

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Our Services

Your School is unique, and our leading industry solutions are designed to support your Education set up.
These solutions include a dedicated IT helpdesk, cyber security services, consultancy and managed cloud services.

Riverlite IT Support for Schools

Riverlite design and deliver IT support for education. We develop enhanced education ICT strategies for Schools, Colleges and Universities, for both fully outsourced and internal IT teams.

Riverlite works with a growing number of schools and our measured approach ensures a seamless and optimised School ICT experience for your users, through the delivery of our managed solutions and services.

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Cyber security services

Riverlite cyber security services defend your internet connected systems, computers, servers, networks and mobile devices from malicious attacks.

The damage to your School can be financial, reputational or operational. All of which, require time, money and resources to rectify and recover. As always, prevention is the best cure.

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