Phishing Protection:

Riverlite Phish protect service

End users continue to be the easiest target for attackers and the weakest link in cyber defences. However, with Riverlite Phish Protect, the phishing protection service you can create an army of trained, phishing aware employees, providing your business with a human firewall against these threats.

Riverlite Phish Protect helps organisations identify areas of weakness in email security and empowers users through engaging training to strengthen cyber defences.

Phish Protect is a Professional protection service provided by Riverlite to address security threats and create a security aware culture within an organisation. Utilising advanced attack simulations, comprehensive testing, reporting and training platforms, Riverlite Phish Protect reduces the threat to the largest attack surface; end users. Riverlite Phish Protect is optimised to help organisations address the alarming increase in phishing and compliance threats. The service focuses on changing user behaviour and reducing organisational risk through routine, real-world phishing simulations, reinforced with effective training and actionable reporting. By helping organisations avoid email phishing scams, credential theft and compliance risks, the service promotes a positive security aware culture.

Riverlite Phish Protect simulates a range of phishing attacks with the aim of identifying areas of security weakness. The way in which IT users respond to these attacks is recorded, assessed & appropriate training is then provided. On-going assessment and reporting helps provide a reduction of security threats to an organisation. Current Riverlite statistics show a 31% improvment in user behaviour for every four tests delivered.

Design & Planning

Riverlite works with clients to design and plan Phishing campaigns that meet the specific needs of the organisation. For example, campaigns could take a phased approach department by department, site by site or all IT users together. Additionally the frequency of the simulated attacks can be varied to suit each client individually.

Attack Simulation

Once the design has been completed, Riverlite will begin the simulated attacks. IT users will receive the pre-planned Phishing emails as agreed during the planning phase, and their responses tracked and recorded.


Dependent upon responses to the simulated attacks, tailored training will be designed and delivered to address the specific weaknesses highlighted. The training utilises over 30 interactive modules to educate IT users on specific threats, such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, poor password strength and regulatory non-compliance.


Riverlite Phish Protect reports campaign results showing user susceptibility and enables the measurement of overall risk levels across an entire user group with live data. The on-going reporting demonstrates the measurable improvements made and the return on investment.

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Features & benefits:

  • Design & planning workshop
  • Simulated attack testing
  • Interactive training modules
  • User security education
  • Increase security awareness
  • On-going reporting
  • Regulatory compliance training
  • Education against phishing attacks
  • Bespoke security training


of successful cyber attacks are the result of a phishing scam

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