Recruitment, Culture, Caring – Getting great customer feedback in managed IT services

Jul 28, 2020

The Smileback feedback tool has enabled Riverlite to evidence and report their excellent and unrivalled customer service and feedback in managed IT services.

Riverlite has always been proud of the service they deliver to customers and they feel the scores and feedback received are the result of a number of other contributing factors; Recruitment, Culture of Continuous Improvement, IT Excellence Through Understanding.

Riverlite recruits, trains and retains the highest calibre of individuals, all of whom have a focus and understanding of customer service. Not only does this ensure all members of the team can effectively communicate but our staff retention rates ensure the consistency of delivery. Riverlite does not employ ticket loggers, every member of the support team is able to provide immediate assistance – making the technical understandable.

Riverlite’s mission is ‘IT Excellence through Understanding’. Riverlite recognises that IT is not a case of one size fits all. The better Riverlite can understand your business, the current challenges and objectives the more effective the solution will be. Riverlite positions themselves as an extension of their customers organisations and routinely adds measurable value to the relationship, above and beyond the contract scope. Riverlite ensures the IT strategy aligns and support the business objectives.

Riverlite has created a culture of continuous improvement and not just from a service provision perspective. Riverlite truly cares about their customers, the service they receive and ultimately the overall success of their business. Riverlite continue to adapt to offer the best in breed solutions for their customers. On the infrequent occasion Riverlite receives less than desirable feedback a senior member of staff contacts the users to understand the problem to ensure they learn and improve. Adding to this a full monthly report of the Smileback stats is given to the senior team of our customers, so any recurring issues can be addressed and improvements are made.

Riverlite’s NET CSAT score has increased annually, year on year, since its adoption in 2016, with an average of 96.9% positive feedback since then. Today Riverlite have monthly averages from 97-98% positive feedback.

SmileBack has become a simple but effective system for Riverlite, which evidences their ongoing customer service excellence whilst being a tool from which they can learn and improve.

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