• Riverlite Ensure:

    Proactive IT Management Services

    Keeping IT running 24×7 and maximising productivity is an ever-increasing challenge, from manpower through to identifying and resolving issues before they impact service. Ensuring key systems are available, patched and appropriately secured can be complex, with many tools and processes required.

    Riverlite Ensure, provides a pro-active approach to IT services, with comprehensive monitoring & management tools and a dedicated technical team, customers can rest assured productivity is maximised and issues are resolved with little or no impact to their business.

    From within Riverlite’s Network Operations Centre, rigorous ISO 27001 procedures govern the management of customer environments, and ensures any change is delivered in a controlled and planned manner. Detailed service reporting provides key metrics including availability, trend analysis and security compliance overviews. Capacity management is also critical to the continued operation of services. Riverlite Ensure extends beyond traditional disk-based monitoring to include core equipment such as communications circuits and critical infrastructure components.

    Riverlite Ensure encompasses the monitoring and management of both on premise and cloud solutions; enabling a single view of these hybrid services. As part of this service, all the functions performed by a typical IT infrastructure team are delivered; including application deployments, Office 365 configuration and network device changes to name but a few.


    • 24x7x365 Monitoring of systems
    • Security monitoring and reporting
    • Application deployment & patching
    • System and device management

    Features & benefits:

    • Real-time customer dashboard
    • Annual health check
    • Availability and capacity reporting
    • Highly available monitoring platform
    • Supports hybrid cloud deployments
    • Reduced capital expenditure
    • Budgeted operational expenditure
    • ISO 27001 & 20000 ISO certified

    Riverlite Ensure is an exceptionally proactive service, we hold quarterly review meetings, in which I get a report of all the problems I had but didn’t even know about! All seamlessly taken care of by Riverlite Ensure.

    Vicki Partridge, Head of IT

    Riverlite Ensure provides three levels of service dependant upon organisational needs:

    Windows Systems Monitoring
    Linux Systems Monitoring
    LAN Monitoring
    WAN Monitoring
    WLAN Monitoring
    Real-time dashboard
    Email alerting
    Storage / SAN / Server monitoring
    Availability metrics
    Trend analysis & performance data
    Infrastructure systems alerting
    Investigate & resolve performance alerts
    System administration
    Windows Patch Management
    Network device changes
    Backup management
    Anti-virus checks and changes
    Web & email appliance checks & changes
    Application patch management
    SQL Administration
    Annual health check
    Vulnerability testing & remediation
    Exchange configuration changes

    Annual Health Check

    At the outset of a client engagement and annually thereafter, Riverlite conducts an IT infrastructure health check. The output from this health check takes the form of a red, amber, green report (RAG report).

    All recommendations within these reports are based on both industry best practice and the client’s current and future plans. The RAG report can then be used to create a more in-depth study and creation of a technology and services roadmap.

    Got a question?

    We are always happy to answer any questions you may have for us. So, if you wish to discuss your infrastructure, find out about the latest technologies or see how you can reduce costs, then get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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