The Rise of Phishing Attacks

Apr 16, 2019

Simon Barnes, Principal Consultant at Riverlite talks about the rise of Phishing attacks on organisations and some of the reasons they are on the increase.

Cyber Security threats are increasing at an alarming rate, with UK and global security news stories breaking every week. The UK Government has introduced a National Agency (NCSC) to help businesses, civilians and government entities become better protected.

Education is a crucial area; teaching users and namely employees about common threats, risks and how to spot fraudulent attempts to gain access. Many businesses that Riverlite work with are now introducing employee testing via a periodic phishing email test; identifying any employees that may be susceptible and then offering more support and advice to understand the threats. It is also evident that companies that utilise testing of employees are better equipped when an increase in spam or phishing emails occurs.

93% of successful cyber-attacks are initiated via phishing campaigns; all it takes is for a user to open the link or attachment within an email, and a series of terrible events then unfold; from ransomware encryption to destruction of file data. There is more than enough motivation for attackers to continually attempt to exploit security weaknesses.

Focusing on trying to prevent users from clicking suspicious links is critical to protecting the organisations’ data and users alike. Riverlite’s Phish Protect service offers a quarterly customised test, service reporting and an Outlook plugin for reporting suspicious emails. Our data from existing customers supports the theory that organisations initially will have a moderately high percentage of users that are caught, but with testing, training and education; this will decrease over time and a more security conscious behaviour is adopted.

The below are two examples of test emails that have been generated by our testing platform; all of the links included lead to the same page and in a real scenario would then serve malicious content to users. Educating users by offering training or information if they do click on the link in a test email is a great way to promote email security.

We at Riverlite have worked with many customers to help them address areas of weakness in their email security, we have built an end-to-end service; Riverlite Phish Protect which provides a comprehensive service to strengthen an organisation's cyber defences.

Riverlite Phish Protect service can help identify security threats and create a security-aware culture within an organisation. Utilising advanced attack simulations, comprehensive testing, reporting and training platforms, Riverlite Phish Protect reduces the threat to the largest attack surface; end users.

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